Starting over

Making new memories and forming new friendships is part of the allure of downsizing. But breaking with the past can be a challenge.

As Mirvac progresses construction of Tulloch House at Ascot Green, new residents need only look to Ascot House where residents are having way too much fun in this thriving new community.

Their children had all left home and keeping a four-bedroom family home and the large gardens under control was rapidly becoming far too much work. But still the couple were nervous about downsizing into an apartment. 

Having been there and done that, Adele Blair, managing director of The Concierge Collection, assured the nervous couple that all would be well.

“It can be hard to break free from all those memories and this couple was no different from many,” said Adele. “They said to me, ‘We brought up our children here, our friends live nearby, we’ve celebrated so many birthdays and anniversaries in this house. It just has so many memories’.

“I told them, you’ll have those memories forever. But maybe now is the time to start looking forward to creating some new memories in a new home. And you can still see your friends, as well as meeting new people, and making more friends among your neighbours in the apartment building.”


"It's all about adjusting your mindset from the attitude of loss to the realization that you have the opportunity to gain so much more."

- Adele Blair, Managing Director of The Concierge Collective

Six months later, after the couple had sold their house and moved into an apartment, Adele saw  them again. 

“They said it was the best thing they’d ever done. I hear it time and time again,” said Adele, who was engaged to help smooth the transition for people downsizing into an apartment at Ascot Green. 

“I’ve never come across anyone who’s regretted it or who’s moved back into a house. It’s always been so much better than they expected.

“It’s all about adjusting your mindset from the attitude of loss to the realisation that you have the opportunity to gain so much more. I know that personally, too. “I moved from a beautiful five bedroom house I’d painstakingly renovated and wondered how I could bear to leave it. But now in my apartment, I look back on all that maintenance and gardening, and the freedom I’ve gained is phenomenal!”

Retired businesswoman Julie wondered how she’d manage when moving out of the house she’d lived in for 20 years, and away from her beloved garden. 

She and her partner and older brother all wanted to downsize from two family homes and had been searching for two years, when they all fell in love with the design concept of apartment living at Ascot Green. “Buying off the plan was not something any of us had done before but we analysed the precinct, the design of the apartments and the amenities and knew it would be a good fit for us all,” said Julie.

“I knew we should all be looking at the next stage of our lives, rather than waiting another five or 10 years and perhaps becoming less able and not having the choice about where to live next.

“I didn’t want to be in a negative frame of mind about the move; I wanted to be positive from the start. Ready mentally, physically and economically. We signed on the dotted line for an apartment and had two years to sell our houses, declutter and plan to make sure  it wasn’t stressful at all.”

Now well-settled into the apartment she lives in with her partner and older brother, Julie says it’s been a wonderful step for them all. 

The apartment is easy to lock up and leave whenever they want to travel and, as well as the apartment’s balcony greenery, Julie has been involved with others in establishing a herb garden on the rooftop. The group of keen gardeners is now hoping to convert a section of land into a vegetable garden, with the help of Mirvac and its joint-venture partner the Brisbane Racing Club.



"I didn't want to be in a negative frame of mind about the move; I wanted to be positive from the start. Ready mentally, physically and economically."

-Julie, Ascot House resident

Concerns that apartment-living could be lonely have proved groundless. They have all met other residents at down-sizing and styling workshops, and race day functions, put on by Mirvac before they moved in, and have continued to meet  new people and mix at various  social events.

And they have discovered that friendly and helpful neighbours are not confined to a house in  the suburbs. They exist in  apartments too.

“We now have a great system if someone’s going away to water plants and we swap recipes and have drinks on the terrace,” Julie said. “A number of us have also now got together to buy a share in a two-year-old racehorse. That is exciting, as many ladies have not been involved in horse ownership before. “It’s nice to have these new connections and integrate.  It really helps you all.” 

Mirvac General Manager of Residential in Queensland Warwick Bible says the prospect of moving from a large, often long-term family home into a smaller house in a new master-planned estate or an apartment can seem overwhelming.

“We try to help our residents make the adjustment with downsizing workshops to give people practical advice on how to cut down on their possessions, declutter and help with the decision-making process,” he said. 

“Many are concerned about leaving behind a garden that they have poured a lot of love and care into and we help by showing them that they can have a beautiful garden on their balcony and that there are many other garden lovers amongst their neighbours.”

Moving from a house to an apartment can be an opportunity to start afresh making new friends and taking up new interests. It’s certainly been the experience for those who made the move to Ascot House and now with the release of Tulloch House prospective buyers don’t have to imagine what life could be like, they can see a thriving community where people at all stages of life are having a lot of fun – with no regrets.

“It’s incredible to see how so many people from different walks of life have quickly bonded and seized the opportunity for a complete lifestyle refresh,” said Mr Bible.


"It's incredible to see how so many people from different walks of life have quickly bonded and seized the opportunity for a complete lifestyle refresh."

- Warwick Bible, Mirvac General Manager of Residential, Queensland

“Supporting that community is something that we have really focused on, with information and newsletters and a Facebook page. There are now running clubs, sunrise yoga classes at dawn and residents with shared interests have formed their own groups.

“It’s all about trying to build engagement and interaction and bonds within the community. It’s good to know your neighbours and avoid the social isolation that can occur wherever you live.” 

Adele, who downsized into Mirvac’s Tennyson Reach, also in Brisbane, says people quickly realise that most of their anxiety about making the move is without foundation.

“One of the big fears for somebody who has had their personal boundary mapped out by a fence line is that they’ll be on top of their neighbours all the time but, as soon as they move in, they discover it’s not like that at all. You can be as private as you want to be in an apartment – or as sociable. 

It’s completely up to the individual, and I find that’s always a pleasant downsizing surprise, too.” 


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