Solar Initiative


Ascot Green


Mirvac has partnered with clean energy provider, Evergen, to bring an innovative solar offer to future residents of Ascot Green.

This pioneering sustainability initiative will see solar panels and batteries installed on the rooftop recreation deck at the nine-storey Ascot House apartment building, connecting directly to a number of apartments, allowing these residents to reduce their electricity bills by up to 70 per cent.

General Manager of Residential in Queensland, Warwick Bible said with rising energy prices Mirvac is focused on providing all its residents, either in an apartment or in a house, with the best energy saving options available.

"Brisbane is the ideal location to pilot the ground-breaking sustainability project, given its average of almost 300 sunny days.

"At Mirvac, we're always looking to push the boundaries and drive lasting environmental change. We want to determine the appetite for sustainability in the apartment market and what key drivers influence buyers to purchase sustainable options, so Ascot Green posed the perfect opportunity for us to do that."


Hatching Innovation

The Ascot Green sustainability initiative is the brainchild of Hatch, Mirvac's award-winning internal innovation program, which uses customer insights to drive innovative ideas in the property space and then brings them to market - from concept through to launch. .

Group General Manager of Innovation, Teresa Giuffrida said the project contributes greatly to Mirvac being a pioneer in sustainable initiatives and provides much needed insight into what home owners are searching for.


"Ascot Green is one of many projects that places Mirvac at the forefront of sustainability initiatives and it establishes us as a market leader".

Tessa Giuffrida

Group General Manager of Innovation, Mirvac

Now in its forth year, the Hatch program is a fundamental part of the Mirvac business. Such commitment led to Mirvac being awarded the 3rd most Innovative Australian Companies' list and to developing Mirvac's Sustainability Plan "This Changes Everything" which includes ambitious targets, including being net positive in energy, water and waste by 2030.

In 2016, the University of Technology Sydney interviewed 21 leaders from Australia's top ASX-listed businesses to explore their approach to innovation. Following their research, the UTS team produced a report entitled "View from the Top: 2016 Innovation Report", with Hatch being identified as the best practice innovation program. This fantastic recognition of Hatch has led to an ongoing collaboration between Mirvac and UTS MBA students.

Solar Initiative